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Hand pipe bender


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Product Description
Tools Name: Hand pipe bender
Item Number:414JC1701
Application:Works on copper and cupronickel tubes(bake tubes)
Tube Size:1/8"-3/16"-1/4"

Product description:
This Small Tube Bender Features A Specialized Design To Handle Smaller Tubing Such As Automotive Fuel Lines; Air Conditioning And Refrigeration. The Small Tube Bender Allows You To Make Tight Bends Without Kinking And The Compact; Lightweight Design Fits In Any Toolbox. The Bender Bends From 0 To 120 Degrees With Reference Marks At 45 And 90 Degrees To Provide Accurate Bends Every Time!
Makes Tight Bends Without Kinking
Lightweight Handheld Design,Full light weight aluminum alloy
Handles 1/8"-3/16"-1/4" Tubing


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